5 Types of Content People Want

5 Types of Content People WantContent marketing is a simple, yet crucial key to building relationships and brand identity. Without quality content, marketing is hopeless and relationships are difficult to maintain. So how do you curate and purpose the right content for your brand and audience? We’ve put together a few examples below.

  1. Content that educates.

Helpful content is good content. Find your niche, find what you’re good at, and find what you and your team are able to stay on top of. Perhaps it’s emerging trends, current events or simply giving advice from your wealth of experience. Use your content as an opportunity to inform people with new perspectives, surprising information–or even revisiting basic ideas and concepts with a fresh take.

  1. Content that encourages.

People want to be encouraged and told that they matter. Developing a positive connection requires far more affirmation and encouragement than critique and advice. Your audience deserves to be encouraged for simply listening to you. And if you encourage them, they’ll respond positively! Purpose the majority of your information to encourage people. Even something as simple and trendy as #MondayMotivation works.

  1. Content that tells a story.

Stories resonate with everyone, and well-told, relatable, personal story can be more impactful than any carefully calculated marketing strategy. Whether a quick, humorous tale told through pictures, or a deep, vulnerable story that tugs on your heartstrings—it’s all powerful. Develop a habit of highlighting stories consistently. It reminds your audience that you value people and their stories.

  1. Content that entertains.

Entertaining content has boomed in popularity within the last few years. Though it can be difficult to predict “going viral,” user trends overwhelmingly show a boost in brand engagement when entertaining content is used. Take the topics you wanted to highlight, and put a humorous spin on them! This is a fun opportunity to think beyond your typical content creation and marketing and venture into creative ideas.

  1. Content that inspires.

In the process of building relationships, good content is also meant to inspire. While people may respond positively to the aforementioned content types, inspirational content drives the most connection and action. If you want to drive your target audience to take action in some way, give them the chance to. Offer a call to action button or give them steps they can take. Don’t be afraid to inspire your audience to action.

Ultimately, people love content that invites them into a different world. Whether they’re reading it at work, over a cup of coffee or on the way home, your content can serve an important service to them. That’s why we encourage you to dream bigger. And we’re more than happy to help you do it. Let’s work.