5 Ways to Enhance Workplace Creativity

5 Ways to Enhance Workplace CreativityFostering a creative environment in your workplace has both immediate and long-term benefits. A creative environment improves team relationships, attracts top talent, and increases potential, productivity and profit. So inspiring creativity can be essential to your organization’s growth. Here, we’ve listed five ways you can increase creativity in your workplace:

1. Invite and Support Creativity

From the start, define your value and space for creativity. Ensure that teammates know they have space to practice and explore their own creativity. This is not a one-time task, but an ongoing one. Create a positive, stress-free environment, consistently reinforcing that your organization values their ideas, expression and product.

2. Create Space

Back up your words. Create an environment where face-to-face relationships can develop and collaboration can occur. This may involve changing physical space by adding or removing furniture, or offering amenities that boost creativity. More importantly, however, this has to do with employees themselves. Give them a chance to have fun and develop their ideas in a fresh environment.

3. Be Strict and Flexible

Learn to think differently. Generally, team members are uneasy to get creative because their ideas may conflict with dominant views in the organization. Hearing from upper management that their views matter and are welcomed can be encouraging and branch any disconnects. Furthermore, placing restrictions like deadlines or guidelines can actually be helpful in inspiring a fruitful creative process.

4. Inspire Diversity

Model it. Inspiring diversity in your workplace is the best way to reflect a care and value for creativity. With diverse people, thoughts and backgrounds in the same environment, the exchange of ideas boosts creativity. There may be tension — but there is also wonderful opportunity for rich ideas. Safe guidelines can be helpful in moderating this diverse environment.

5. Define Culture
Bring it full circle. Creativity only drives an environment when it is given a significant platform to do so. Usually, creativity is something that one has to coax out of a group of people. The antidote is transforming culture — and even baby steps will work. Start with a project. Then add a team. Organize outings or workshops. By creating company culture around creativity, you can ensure its place for years to come.

Creativity can be difficult to measure or quantify, but in a positive environment where people experience freedom — it can be allowed to flourish. We’re more than happy to jumpstart that process with our own creative team. Let’s work.