Fall Updates @itBrand.co

Fall Updates @itBrand.coWithin the last year, itBrand.co has experienced phenomenal growth as a creative agency. And you are the reason for our success.

Your partnership has forged an open space for us to pursue creative solutions and fresh ideas. Your collaboration has helped us evolve in rendering holistic brand development to a diverse breadth of clients. And your trust is the benchmark of our success.

Between many sleepless nights and cups of coffee, our team has relentlessly engaged in cutting-edge creative campaigns, innovative design, comprehensive content strategy and much more. This month, we feature designer Laura Hoepker. Thriving off daily inspiration and heartfelt passion, Laura utilizes a breadth of experience in design and leadership to make your ideas a reality. She has partnered with several brands to help them each express their individual stories in a creative, functional way that connects with their audience. Check out her work here.

Because of our team’s constant evolution, we’ve remained relevant and authentic with every slice of our diverse client base. And we’ve progressed in our approach to branding, design, and strategy, we particularly emphasize the value of search engine optimization (SEO) and social media.

In the information age, leaving your mark can be difficult. That’s where SEO comes in. A simple adjustment of content, format and even tense can impact page rank and audience engagement. At itBrand.co, we believe in crafting purely organic, engaging content that connects with your audience and is relevant on search engines like Google. We produce content for humans–not robots. Read more about our SEO services here.

Everything boils down to a connection. And in a statistic-heavy social media age, we believe that real connections matter. Showcasing your unique brand identity in an authentic, valuable way is essential to connecting with existing and target consumers. We dig deep into your mission and work to discover your story and craft your brand voice for the world. Read more about our social media services here.

We’re fond of saying that collaboration is the bedrock of itBrand.co. And while enjoying our fortunate growth, we also fiercely pursue a crucial one-on-one focus with every client. It’s what makes us the partner that we are.

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Thank you for your partnership. And here’s to another great year of creative, authentic, transformative collaboration.