A Path to Holistic Web Development

A Path to Holistic Web DevelopmentAt itBrand.co, we’re dedicated to thinking beyond traditional web development and design. And we believe our approach can provide a helpful framework for you to approach the process well.

First, ask yourself questions. What sets your company apart from the rest? How does your team perform their responsibilities? What are your values, attitudes, passions, fascinations and dreams? What fuels you? What excites you? As you collect answers to this information and curate a list, you will gather a thorough understanding of your brand identity.

Second, it’s important to translate and communicate that identity to the target audience you want to reach. This is our specialty. Our team of web developers maintain a keen, unique approach to content, design, technicality and overall user experience to communicate your brand identity to your audience. This is especially important because a website is a hub for fostering and building relationships. In the digital age, websites can be used in all of your materials to host, collect and convey information about you and your brand.

Third, we get into the nuts and bolts of things. It is crucial to consider content value, brand image, site architecture, navigability, growth, tone, semantic SEO and much more. Consider logo placement, headers, breadcrumb buttons, etc. Although it’s technical, the user is at the heart of this conversation. What emotional responses are they having? How is the aesthetic appealing to them? Is their experience a functional one?

Fourth – if you’re working with an already established website, root out the unhelpful and distracting parts. If your website is hard to navigate, full of pop ups and expired offers, or makes contact difficult, then your website is actually doing the opposite of what you want it to do. It’s driving people away and eroding trust with your audience.

Lasty, all helpful, user-centered websites require consistent maintenance. Just as it’s a hub for relationship-building, it requires continuous investment and progression. At itBrand.co, we don’t believe in leaving clients with simple strategy or minor website components. We want to walk through the whole process with you.

Holistic, sensible and up-to-the-minute, cost-effective web development is within reach. Let’s work.