Collaboration at Earth’s Peculiar Brand Agency

Collaboration at Earth’s Peculiar Brand AgencyIdeally, collaboration starts with the client. Prior to doing the work, we want to talk to them about what they do, why they do it, and what they provide. We ask them to break it all down for us, first in the most simplistic terms then we go deeper from there. And we listen—carefully. That offhand remark or aside during the course of our conversations can mark the beginning of something remarkable, something we can build upon.

Then, we take the insight the client has given us back to itBrand. We do the research, turn ideas over in our heads, uncover hidden gems, locate what impresses us individually, and as a group, and hone-in on key strengths.

Web Developer, Eric Wright talks about the process of collaboration saying, “It provides a complete, clear picture when people who see something differently can explore all angles and bring those views together to make one cohesive vision that was bigger and better than any one person could iron out by themselves. It’s like one of us is the anvil, one of us the hammer and the others the flame!” itBrand Designer/Coder and Media Producer, Dan Lundmark says he appreciates creative collectives because they allow more creative freedom than traditional agencies, allowing people to explore and draw on multiple talents, dispositions and skillsets.

Writer, Liya Swift, describes the process as “a great way to understand the many ways in which different people engage with and perceive of a product or service. We get to play around in a sandbox full of ideas and have fun getting to that eureka moment.”

Sure it’s work, fun, creative, goal-driven work that we’re inspired to do for the client. Founder and CEO Gabe Estrada says, “I came up with the tagline ‘Earth’s peculiar brand consultancy’ because the unexpected is something every one of us on this team seeks to uncover. We aren’t afraid to innovate and craft messages that cut through the noise. For us, collaboration isn’t just something we talk about, it’s a foundational aspect of what we do. It’s part of our driving purpose.”