What’s New in 2018?

What’s New in 2018?Happy New Year!

There’s nothing like building something you’re passionate about. In 2018, we’re doing exactly that.

We’re hungry for the new year. Our team is charged with fresh inspiration and catalytic strategies for collaboration. We’re expanding our vision, and are excited to connect, create and build in our favorite way: collaboration. And we’ve got some major projects to elevate the quality and strength of our partnerships.

This quarter, we’re emphasizing collaboration by elevating our ability and your brand.

First off, we’re developing a robust, intuitive and accessible tracking dashboard to engage with our clients and give them the opportunity to view analytics, performance and results. This centralized dashboard will provide clear, easy access to all analytics regarding websites, newsletters, pages, subscribers, visitors and more. We’re cutting out the middle-man so you can analyze your performance and create cutting edge, fluid solutions.

Second, we’re launching aggressive, high-level SEO capabilities. Expanding beyond basic tools, we are offering a full service SEO program to improve client rankings. This means back-end work, content creation, outreach — anything and everything that comes with SEO work — we’re tackling from a centralized place.

We’re fond of saying collaboration is the bedrock of itBrand.co. And in 2018, we’re building a legacy of collaboration.

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